A Guide To First-Party Data and the Future of Customer Insights

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Mark E. Chiles, the author, is the Founder & CEO of Chiles Co LLC. His career spans over two decades in progressive business, technology, digital media, and data transformation roles. His firm, Chiles Co, works with clients to manage their digital and data transformation strategies and execution plans. He wrote this eBook to give others a look into how the future of business marketing and data are changing.

This ebook provided strategies and best practices for:

  • Collecting enhanced first-party data across channels using methods like registrations, surveys, loyalty programs, and customer service follow-up.
  • Unifying disparate first-party data into persistent customer profiles powered by a Customer Data Platform for identity resolution, hygiene, and governance.
  • Activating unified profiles in real-time across channels like web, mobile apps, email, ads, and customer service for holistic personalization.
  • Leveraging first-party data for tailored omnichannel experiences including content recommendations, personalized offers, and optimizations based on granular insights.

By following the playbook outlined here for making first-party data a priority, brands will be primed for future success even as third-party data declines.

Key recommendations include:

  • Auditing current data sources and flows to identify gaps.
  • Adjusting data strategies and technology to be first-party-focused.
  • Providing value in exchange for consented data collection.
  • Building teams, systems, and processes around owning first-party data.
  • Continually optimizing data usage and modeling for maximum impact.
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A PDF eBook that's a robust guide to transform your business to incorporate first-party data strategies.

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A Guide To First-Party Data and the Future of Customer Insights

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